Why Use an External Recruiting Firm

We have the technology, process, skills, experience, and time to make this a more efficient process than is possible for a company without recruiting resources.  This helps to ensure that the company doesn’t spend time looking at hundreds of candidates - they see the top candidates who are qualified and interested. We also conduct extensive searches to find candidates not available through just posting a job. Below is a breakdown of what we do to find you, qualified candidates.


Our Process = Time Savings for our Clients

  • Post jobs to website and various boards 

    • We have accounts already established with various boards

    • We have done this many times and can do it quickly

    • We know which boards work better for certain jobs

  • Post to social media and other platforms

    • We have a process to create videos and post on Roku devices

    • We use keywords, videos, and branding to help attract views to our posts

    • Posting once in a while won’t do much good - needs to be consistent

  • Extensive searches for candidates using a variety of tools (depending on the service requested)

    • We utilize a number of sites to find potential candidates 

    • We know how to use advanced boolean language to narrow our searches to those that may be best fits

    • Without experience, this can be a daunting task 

  • Review candidates who respond to job posting/search efforts 

    • We review every resume and determine whom to contact

  • Reach out to people that are potential “good fits”

    • Draft and send emails, then respond to those interested

    • Call and leave messages or set up interviews

  • Phone screen candidates 

    • Lots of phone tag with candidates and then following up with emails

    • Scheduling calls when necessary (often evenings and weekends, as they may be working)

    • Documenting calls in database

  • Conduct in-person interviews (when local)

    • Spend time with candidates to go over their experience and to talk more about the opportunity

    • Determine if there is a fit

    • No shows/cancellations are weeded out

  • Scheduling interviews with client

    • We work with everyone's schedule to find times for our client and candidates to meet

  • Follow up with candidate and client after the interview

    • Gather feedback from both parties

  • Reference checks

    • Communicate feedback to client
  • Extend an offer to the candidate 

Other reasons to use an outside resource

  • If you need to keep it confidential, we can do that

  • We keep on top of industry trends and try new technology to see what works and what doesn’t

  • We have a well defined Tracking System to keep prospective and active candidates top of mind

  • We can be a brand ambassador for our clients

  • We can help expose a client’s internal process that could be improved to increase the efficiency of the hiring and/or onboarding process and help uncover other areas of improvement as well

  • Turnover can be improved

    • When it is caused by a bad hire, using an outside firm can help

    • Rushed decision making can lead to a bad hire and we can help take the rush out of the equation

    • Lack of proper screening can lead to bad hires - we can weed people out before getting to our clients so the hiring team can focus on the best of the candidates before getting frustrated and in turn settling

    • We inform the candidate of the details  - good and bad. This helps to ensure the candidate knows what is entailed so there is a greater chance that the candidate wants the job and understands it


  • TIME

    • We save companies time by doing the majority of the work

    • Clients will see only the best of the candidates who are interested, responsive and qualified - we already weeded through everyone else

    • Small businesses often don’t have the resources to do this themselves



    • The client sees the best of the candidates available

    • We search for people that may not be looking to help ensure a well-rounded candidate pool

    • Better prepared candidates

    • Increased chances of retaining employees



    • We have well-established processes for searching candidates and for posting jobs

    • Our relationships and processes with recruitment vendors are already established

    • We have technology specific to recruitment for efficiency and to increase the candidate pool

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