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Premium Monthly Subscription

(With Searching)


At this time, this is only for companies in the Greater Rochester, NY area

This new innovative service allows companies to pay one low monthly fee and receive screened, qualified, and interested candidates directly to your inbox.  You just tell us the type of candidates you are looking to hire on a regular basis.  We will be on the lookout and will send you matches.  This is a monthly subscription plan that you can cancel at any time.  This is great for roles like Customer Service, General Labor, Retail, Administrative, and many others.


  • Pay one low monthly fee and receive interested candidates to your inbox with summary and resume

  • Two plans to choose from to meet your needs (with or without active sourcing)!

  • Reduce costs and workload by not doing the prescreens, playing phone tag or dealing with "no shows" - we do it for you!

  • We build your pipeline of candidates for jobs you always look to fill

  • Supplement the work of your HR or Recruiting Staff so they spend time on strategic talent acquisition initiatives

  • Hire 1 or 100 people per year - the price doesn't change

  • You can stop the service at any time - use when hiring and stop when you are not

  • You can change the roles we are recruiting for each month - just let us know

  • We make it simple to get candidates - all you need to do is bring them in for an interview (if you want) and start the hiring process!


  • Review the two different plans and contact us to discuss

  • We will continuously meet with candidates to discuss your needs

  • You will receive candidates throughout the months that fit your criteria

  • All candidates sent are yours to contact, interview and hire at no additional cost


  • Please call for details

  • This is per role (similar roles can be combined)

  • Billing will be automatic and you can cancel at any time

Contact Info:

Phone (585) 434-2974

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