Frequently Asked Questions - Subscription Based Recruiting

What is the difference between the Subscription Based plan and the Search Recruiting?

Subscription Based is best suited for positions your company is consistently hiring for (i.e. Customer Service, Inside Sales, General Labor, Food Service, etc.). Executive Search is used when a candidate with a very specific skillset is needed (i.e. Outside Sales, IT, Management, Skilled Labor, etc.).

What are the terms?

This is a month-by-month service that you may cancel at any time. Billing is automatic every month - we can invoice or you can pay via credit card. We do not bill until we send you the first candidate. By doing this, we take care of all the "behind the scenes" details to get the process moving (including job postings and social media reach out and video creations). On the day we send your first candidate summary, we will invoice you for the first month. You will be billed for each additional month on the same date. If you no longer need the services, simply call or email us and we will stop sending candidates at the end of the current subscription (month).

How many candidates can we expect per month?

The number per month can fluctuate depending on a number of factors including the type of role you are looking to fill, requirements, and market. We are consistently meeting with candidates that would be a match for your needs and act quickly to find you qualified candidates.

How do I know these candidates are still active?

We contact each candidate on a regular basis to make sure they are still actively looking before sending to you.

Are these candidates sent to me exclusively?

If other clients have similar needs, they could receive the same candidates (much like candidates on a job board). It is in your best interest to contact these candidates immediately if you are interested in meeting with them.

Who schedules the interviews?

For the Subscription Based Recruiting, once we send you interested candidates, the remainder of the process is in your hands. You can call, interview and hire any of the candidates you like. If you let us know, we can remove them from our list. For Direct Hire, we handle the entire process.

How do I cancel my subscription?

While we are always sorry to see someone leave, we want to make this process simple. Just email us at and your subscription will not be renewed for the upcoming month.

Is there a refund policy?

If you are unhappy with the service for any reason, please contact us at 585-434-2974 or email us at

What are the differences between the two subscription plans?

The "Standard" plan does not include us proactively searching for candidates on a daily basis and inviting them to apply for the job. The "Premium" subscription does include that service which should help increase the candidate flow and quality of candidate.