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Direct Hire Recruiting

This service is great for when you have very specific needs for "hard to fill" jobs and you know that extra help is needed.  Tell us what you are looking for and we will go out and conduct specific searches using a variety of methods to find you the perfect candidate.  Great for roles like IT, Management, Skilled Labor, Outside Sales and other similar roles!


  • Great for hard to fill openings

  • You don't pay unless you hire a candidate we referred to you

  • A dedicated team who will go out and search for the perfect fit

  • We guarantee our work with replacement options

  • We have reasonable rates and flexible payment terms

  • We work with you to understand your company, your needs and what a successful candidate looks like

Next Steps:

  • Contact us for further discussions and pricing

  • We will come out and meet you in person (if local) and answer any questions and provide you with a complete summary of the recruiting process

  • We will also get all the details necessary for us to fill your job with the best candidates

Contact Info:

Phone (585) 434-2974

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